Our Services

ASAP Program

When You Need It NOW!

The next time you have an urgent need for Special Thread or Cylindrical because of:

  • Damage
  • Loss
  • Planning or ordering oversights
  • Gage calibration failure
  • Customer audits, use our convenient A.S.A.P. Service

Since 1991 we've been delivering:

  • 0" – 4" Plugs
  • 0" – 4" Rings
  • 0" – 4" Thread Setting Plugs

Note: Delivery determined based on business conditions at the time of PO - please contact Hemco Gage for accurate lead times.

The price quoted includes
next day air freight charges!

(Minimum order amount $100)

We guarantee delivery on the date promised and we have a 99.6% track record of customer

Special purpose gaging and thread gages above 4" are available through the A.S.A.P. program by special quote. Next Day Air freight NOT included.