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Gage Saver Service

Your Worn Gage are Worth Money!

Our popular HEMCO GageSaver Service allows you to save off the price of a new HEMCO gage.

How it Works

Bring your worn gage to us, regardless of the original manufacturer, and for the same reduced
price. We will rework your worn gage to a like new condition OR we will replace your worn gage with a new one.

The Cost To You

Many years ago Hemco Gage developed what turned out to be a very effective program to allow customers to turn in their worn out gages and have them reconditioned (or replaced) at a discounted price. The customer was able to get a HemcoCHROME plated gage for a discount and experience the benefits of the Longer Lasting Hemco Gage. Over the years, the knowledge of the advantages of HemcoCHROME has become ubiquitous. GageSaver pricing for all straight and tapered plug and ring gages will be quoted with a 10% discount. Custom gages are not eligible for this program.

The Results Are

A gage that is:

  • HEMCOChrome Plated
  • Guaranteed not to chip or peel
  • Built to the high side of tolerance
  • Capable of outlasting regular steel gages by 400%
  • An economical investment

The HEMCO GageSaver Service is available for the following types of gages, regardless of the
original manufacturer:

  • Threaded Plugs
  • Adjustable Rings
  • Solid Thread Rings
  • Cylindrical Plugs
  • Cylindrical Rings
  • Standard or Special
  • Inch or Metric