HEMCOChrome Process

For over 65 years, the HEMCOChrome Process has provided the same unyielding, unduplicated hardness, finish and quality for our customers. Do not be fooled by cheap imitators -- insist on HEMCOChrome!

Thicker chrome coating

HEMCOChrome magnified 400x

Thinner chrome coating on imitator brand

Imitator Brand "A" Gage magnified 400x

Notice that the HEMCOChrome coating thickness exceeds the competitors by many times.


Hemco creates this unique difference by using talented teams of experienced, caring people combined with:

  • 0-1 Tool Steel through-hardened to 58-62 Rc then HEMCOChrome processed to 72 Rc.
  • Altered geometric engineering. We manufacture undersize then plate up to as close to the tolerance high side as possible.
  • Chrome plating equipment designed & built by HEMCO specifically for tight tolerance gaging.
  • Chrome plating bath formulas improved with HEMCO's unique process.


You Benefit by Saving Money! In laboratory tests the HEMCOChrome gage outlasts the competitors plain steel gage or the imitators flash chrome gage: 4:1.

Testing Laboratory results indicate that the competitor chrome gage provided 20% longer life over an unplated hardened tool steel gage. Tested using 1/2-13 UNC Go Plugs in cast iron.


Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney

It does not matter whether you are making jet engines,

or the aircraft itself...

Douglas Aircraft

Douglas Aircraft

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

or automobiles or parts to automobiles

or any other industrial equipment, the HEMCOChrome Process will lower your gaging costs by lengthening your gage life by up to 5x!

Call our offices today for a price quote and the name of your local HEMCO Gage distributor.

De Laval Separator Company

De Laval


Client Testimonial
Emailed To Us:

From: Gage Lab
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 11:26 AM
To: Engineer 1
Cc: Engineer 2
Subject: RE: Wear on thread gauges.

I first found out about HEMCO back when I worked in the Cal Lab and stated noticing a very high rate of scrap gages. I was looking at all these scrap gages that were much newer than this other older "HEMCO" gage. It was about 15 years old and was still in good shape even though it was a fairly high use gage. I asked a colleague about HEMCO and he said they are THE BEST, most accurate and longest wearing gages made.

I went and looked them up on the internet and we immediately started using them, especially for our taper gages. Our special taper gages are hard to make correctly and take so long to get from anyone. It seemed to make sense: if they last longer, in the long run I would be purchasing less gages and that has been my findings. I know, from the quality measurement standpoint this is just personal opinion but it is now shared by all the technicians who have been calibrating these gages for yeas in our Calibration Lab.