Manufacturing Mandate

The Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT's) Manufacturing Mandate:

Incentivize R&D and innovation in new products and manufacturing technologies.

  • Increase the R&D tax credit and make it permanent.
  • Increase R&D funding targeted for sustaining economic growth technologies.
  • Leverage existing manufcaturing infrastructure to increase collaboration and accelerate the rate of commercialization.

Increase global competitiveness.

  • Restore certainty through tax and regulatory reform.
  • Support fair and open trade in which all parties play by the same rules.
  • Modernize outdated export control and visa policies.

Educate and train a "Smartforce."

  • Support grants, scholarships and academic challenges for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs.
  • Implement national manufacturing skills certifications.
  • Create "2 Plus" Manufacturing Technology degree programs at community colleges and universities emphasizing industry-based internships.

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